Group Topic - 1 Topic - 2
‘A’ Group (Std. 1st & 2nd) Butterfly My birthday cake
‘B’ Group (Std. 3rd & 4th) Vegitable Vendor My mother
‘C’ Group (Std. 5th to 7th) Design on mobile cover or Purse Marathon
‘D’ Group (Std. 8th to 10th) Posters Dancing girl

1. Choose one of the given topics depending upon your age / standard.

2. Use A3 size paper for Drawing and Colouring the picture.

3. Upload Drawing Click the option - "Upload Drawing"

4. Please fill up all information in the form before uploading your Drawing.

5. Deadline for uploading your Drawing on website : 16th December 2018, 7 pm.

Date of the Competition Group Time
Sunday, 16th December 2018 Group A 11.30am to 12.30pm
Sunday, 16th December 2018 Group B 11.30am to 12.30pm
Sunday, 16th December 2018 Group C 9 to 10.30am
Sunday, 16th December 2018 Group D 9 to 10.30am
Prize State Level Divisioanal Level Cener Level
1st Rs. 2500/- Rs. 1000/- Rs. 100/-
2nd Rs. 2000/- Rs. 750/- Rs. 75/-
3rd Rs. 1500/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 50/-
Consolation prize Rs. 1000/- Rs. 250/- Cerificate
Group Standard
Group 'A' 1st & 2nd
Group 'B' 3rd & 4th
Group 'C' 5th to 7th
Group 'D' 8th to 10th


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